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The Complete Garden Stick comes with separate holes to grow 14 different fruits, vegetables, herbs and plants with just one unit. Through research we have found the perfect dimensions for spacing to utilize root capacity. Without the proper spacing planted material will have unsuccessful results. The Complete Garden Stick was invented to make gardening easier. It helps eliminate the backbreaking work involved with gardening and helps make it more enjoyable. This product allows people of all ages to garden without being a master. Kids to adults can learn how to garden and eat healthy at the same time. This product utilizes key features that allows for lower water consumption and is insulated to retain moisture and help protect against cold weather. The Complete Garden Stick can be placed on small balconies or decks of apartments or condos as well as multi-acre farms. It can be used for a lifetime from season to season. Why have 14 different plants on the ground taking up extra room when one Complete Garden Stick utilizes the space and helps reduce those common ground gardening problems. Order yours today and get ready to experience the gratifying feeling of growing your own food and having fun doing it


•    Can grow organic or non organic
•    Can be used for hydroponic growing
•    Doesn’t require much bending or kneeling after its planted
•    Can grow multiple plants with one Complete Garden Stick    
•    Ability to grow plants with ease
•    Can be for the hobbyist or the most serious of farmers
•    Low maintenance required   
•    Utilizes minimal space
•    Fewer pest problems
•    Lower chances of weed infestation
•    Uses lower water consumption
•    Portable and weather resistant
•    Insulated to hold moisture in warmer weather
•    Insulated to help prevent freezing in colder temperatures
•    Available in an array of colors to blend with surroundings
•    Can be placed on small balcony or decks of apartments or condos        
•    Encourages people of all ages to participate and have a healthier diet